A first kiss.

The smell of a fire on the first cool fall evening.

A child’s laughter. A mother’s regret.

Loud music. Slow dancing. The look of a new lover across the room.

Powerful women. Football on a Monday night. Fireworks. Stevie Nicks.

A father asking his son, “Is everything ok?”

Everything not being ok.

Quarantine. Blind ideology. Activism. Election nights.

A forgotten birthday. A surprise celebration.

Losing a friend. Praying for something better. Fear of failure.

Mentors. Marching. Suffragettes. Black Lives Matter.

People singing from their windows.


People move us.


Ignite human connection.

People-Places-Things Hypothesis (PATH)

Adeo's foundational PATH exploration builds on research, data and force analysis to define the people and groups our clients will influence and the people who influence them (People), the communication strategies and mediums that will connect and resonate with these people and groups (Places) and the resulting actions we will drive (Things).


Public Education

Layer traditional and innovative communication strategies across a broad spectrum of mediums, tools and technologies to cultivate curiosity, grow trust and deliver the emotional connections that inform behavior and compel action.

Legislative Advocacy

Cultivate and connect advocates and influencers to your story and provide them with the tools to influence their networks and communicate with their legislators for meaningful shifts in public policy.

Content Strategy

Craft data-driven narratives and messaging with targeted design, copy and audience journeys to deliver communication that resonates, educates and motivates unique demographic, geographic, cultural and issue-specific audiences.

Digital Strategy

Apply data insights and analytics to layered programming for the social media platforms, websites, blogs and other digital mediums and influencers most likely to reach and resonate with priority audiences.

Direct Mail

Write, design, produce and target powerful narratives for organizations and candidates that build authentic connections, evoke emotion, cultivate supporters and brand ambassadors and motivate action.

Relationship Cultivation

Empower leaders and organizations to understand, identify and nurture the human connections that close deals, secure contracts, find investors, sell products and influence public policy and elections.

Crisis Communication

Develop and facilitate proactive internal and external communication strategies that provide leaders and organizations with the psychological and operational resilience necessary to withstand change and thrive under pressure.

Media Relations

Navigate the ever-changing traditional media landscape with deliberate and personal education, engagement and response strategies that connect and provide value to local, statewide and national media outlets and journalists.

Grassroots Advocacy

Deliver old-fashioned, boots-on-the-ground advocacy campaigns that plant flags for your supporters to rally around, empower activists to drive your message and activate coalitions of trusted validators to amplify your message.

Website Development

Plan, design and build interactive and engaging websites that create a digital experience for users.

Our clients move us, too.

Our people

We do great work because we are experienced communicators, writers, organizers, digital strategists, designers and political operatives. We do big things because we are thinkers, creatives, trusted advisors, problem solvers and truth-tellers. The relationships we build with and for our clients exist well beyond a single project or contract. And just like with our closest friends and allies, we internalize their challenges, celebrate their wins and pour our hearts into their projects.

(it’s a-DAY-oh)

We’re ready to

Maybe we’re old school, we love phone calls.


Tell us. How can we help you?



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